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Something Old and Something New

Something Old: Report crop damage to Agricorp as soon as it occurs. Agricorp adjusters may contact you to schedule an inspection or to complete any required forms. Something New: The active ingredient pyroxasulfone is now registered for use in seed corn. This active ingredient is marketed under several trade names (i.e. Zidua). If the product […]
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New Website Launched

We are proud to announce the launch of our brand new website, designed and developed by the team at Abstract Marketing, at 216 King St. W in Chatham-Kent. We also encourage feedback, please feel free to leave a message via our contact page.
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Why won’t consumers listen?

It happens at farm meetings across Canada. Speakers use words like “engagement” and then talk about how farmers can use Twitter and Facebook to influence people. This has been happening for years at agricultural conferences across Canada. Because of all those presentations, thousands of producers now use social media to connect with consumers and explain […]
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