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Grower Meetings – November 2022

The Board of the SCGO would like to remind you of the upcoming SCGO grower meetings.

The board would like to add that if you cannot attend, but wish to comment on issues that arose this year; or raise concerns to address for next years’ (2023) contract you can either contact the office, or speak directly to the chair of each of the negotiating teams You can also email the office at and your comments will be forwarded to the respective chair.

As a reminder, the meeting days (and corresponding companies and chair’s) are as follows:

  • Monday November 14, 2022 9:00 am
    Maizex Deer Run 1:00 – C&L Deer Run
    Chair: Matt Howe 519.360.6522 Chair: Mike Zink: 519.359.0851
  • Tuesday November 15, 2022 9:00 am
    PRIDE Deer Run 1:00 – Corteva (Pioneer) Deer Run
    Chair: Stan Gillier 519.436.7337 Chair: Scott McGeachy 519.436.7472
  • Thursday November 17, 2022 5:30 pm
    Horizon Vivians Country Cookin, Courtland
    Chair: Ron Meulemeester

Once again, please let the Office Administrator know of your intention to attend (by responding to this email, or by phone – 519.352.6710).

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