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Ontario is a world-class producer of seed corn, due to the region’s exceptional combination of climate, soils, production expertise and infrastructure. With its excellent, dependable yields of superior quality seed corn, the province attracts companies every year to produce seed for sale across Canada and internationally.

Unique’ may be the best description for southwestern Ontario. It is also the reason that the region has so much potential to expand its seed corn production. Ontario is further south than many people realize. Seed corn production actually takes place at about the same latitude as northern California and is further south than several U.S. production zones. Because it is surrounded by the Great Lakes, however, Ontario’s climate is exceptionally moderate and consistent.

The moderate climate enables production of a wide range of maturities, including seed for the world’s expanding cool-season corn acreage.

Within Ontario, seed companies further reduce their production risks by spreading their contracts among the region’s different production zones. By road, these zones are located close to one another. However, they vary in their proximity to the lakes and in soil type, providing a blend of production opportunities to balance the characteristics of each production season.

Growers and processors have more than two generations of experience with hybrid seed corn production. They are supported by a marketing and pedigreed system that fosters efficiency and results in ‘blue-tag’ certification that is respected around the world.

Confidence in the future of the Ontario seed corn industry is demonstrated by ongoing investment in production and processing facilities. Growers also continue to upgrade their production capabilities.  With these vital processes already in place, this system is open to new contracting opportunities.

In a global environment where the demand to reduce production risks is matched by the drive to enhance seed quality, the Seed Corn Growers of Ontario is confident that Ontario’s unique advantages will create exciting opportunities.

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